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The Employee Benefit Service Center (The EBSC) has been providing administrative services to employers that partially self-insure their health benefit plans for over a decade.  Located in the capital city of Charleston, WV, The EBSC provides services to clients throughout WV, OH, VA and the eastern United States.

The EBSC is proud of the individualized service we have been able to, and continue to provide to our clients.  We have accomplished this by, first, understanding the value of the benefit package employers provide to their employees, then administering the plan with the same level of pride and importance that the employer takes in offering the package.

Established in Charleston in the early 1990's, The EBSC operated under the name "West Virginia Employee Benefit Services" for many years.  Recognizing that our services extended well beyond the borders of the great state of West Virginia, we began operating under the name "The Employee Benefit Service Center" in 2001.

Among the many qualified and talented members of our organization, there are two who make up the management team of our firm.  Stephen M. Hodgson, President and  Sherry Arnold, Vice President.

The team is responsible for guiding our ship through the challenging seas of business.  They, as you can see from their bios, have the talent and experience to handle any area of our industry.

We have a passion for providing unparalleled personal attention to each and every client.  Each client's unique desire represents our unique opportunity, and we welcome the opportunity to provide unique solutions.

The EBSC has been a member of the SPBA (Society of Professional Benefit Administrators) since 1985.Additionally, The EBSC is a licensed TPA with the State of West Virginia and maintains E&O Coverage, Surety Bonds, and Fidelity Bonds, as required by Code.

The Employee Benefit Service Center
(The "personal" administration firm)

Longtime member of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA)

SAS 70 compliant

 . . .  Approximately 127 million adults in the U.S. are overweight, 60 million obese, and 9 million severely obese. 

The prevalence of overweight is higher for men (67 percent) than women (62 percent) however; the prevalence of obesity is higher for women (34 percent) than men (27.7 percent).

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